In the last 3 years, Flo and his wife attended 20 Weddings in 7 countries all around the world. They caught rain in Miami, shared tears in Bali, sung love songs in France, indulged with wine in Italy, pulled off traditional outfits in Bavaria and danced the night away in Dubai. Every single wedding was magical in itself.

As a public speaker, Flo can for sure say that hosting a wedding ceremony is one of the most fulfilling occasions one can ask for. Uniting a community that creates the strongest emotions of joy, hope and love is simply magnificent.

In his role as a non-religious officiator, Flo works closely with the couple to create a fully personalized ceremony that reflects their nature, values, relationship and their love. His simple yet sophisticated way brings the loved ones even closer together and the inclusion of family, friends and spiritual creative acts are creating unforgettable magical moments for the couple and their guests.

Flo creates personalized ceremonies which bring the love, emotions, and the story of the couple to life - amplifying emotions that last a lifetime!

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