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A few of the right words, spoken with authority and sincerity can make all the difference in the world. Speakers have moved audiences with the power of words for thousands of years and today, more than ever, public speaking is a skill, which every human can embrace. 

Whether it is presentations during meetings, speaking at an event or even the good old Wedding speech, there are plenty of opportunities to shine and capture an audience.

Flo helps individuals to master the ability to speak and communicate messages passionately, clearly, and visually. With warmth and humor, he transforms ordinary speakers into extraordinary performers. With Flo, people learn how to tell THEIR story!


Flo has executed numerous public speaking training sessions, workshops, and presentations for individuals as well as corporate organizations. The information he provides is easily relatable, digestible and extremely educational. He equips you with tools to leave a lasting mark.


To ensure best results, he creates each session for a targeted audience and a specific purpose. No sessions are alike. You can book Flo for a variety of topics, from ‘How to speak to an audience for the first time’, to ‘Presentations in the corporate world’ all the way to script writing and 101 

mentoring. His practical and individual approach leaves everyone empowered and motivated to become a confident and engaged speaker. 


Amplifying voices - learn to tell your story.

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