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Within the span of a few weeks, our work environment has drastically changed. Working from home, connecting with your teams and clients via video conference platforms, and not enjoying the ‘real world’ face to face interaction, has become a new reality. The world is now a place of virtual interaction, where we are dealing with new technologies, new processes, rapid developments, and an ever-evolving situation. We all live in the digital era and are somehow comfortable with either voice messages, selfies, or video recording.

But when it comes to our professional work environment, there is nothing more frustrating than having to sit through a virtual meeting, and you can barely hear, see or understand the speaker.

Flo teaches you how to use the camera, your body language, your voice, and visual aids excel in virtual communication.

Girl Using Laptop

In times like these, you need to communicate straight to the point and positive manner.
In times like these, you need to choose engaging language, because you are limited to digital connection.

In times like these, you need to have a basic understanding of communicating in front of a camera.

Learning Outcome:
How to motivate, lift the spirit and embrace positivity
How to drive productivity, efficiency, and results
How to reassure your clients, suppliers or stakeholders
How to deliver positive or negative news to your teams, suppliers or clients

Time is moving fast, and change is constant, today more than ever, you need to be able to get your message across without having the necessary time to prepare.

Let Flo help you ‘wing’ it!

Presenting on the spot is a form of communication that you should be good at, no matter if it is a decision, a piece of new technologies or the latest developments.

Through structure and tools, this can be easily achieved. Flo is an expert in Impromptu Speaking and can help you do it well. We now need to rely purely on communication through technology, let Flo help you do it right!

This content can be delivered 1-on-1 or exclusively for corporate teams.

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