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  • Flo Akinbiyi

Techniques to feel more confident when you're nervous and anxious

Quote By Flo Akinbiyi "The First Step Is Always The Scariest" - Techniques To Feel More Confident As A Speaker

How can you get over the initial nervousness and anxiety when delivering presentations and public speaking engagements?

Public speaking is a scary task. But here is the truth: the first time is always the most difficult one. 👈🏽

When you step onto the stage and start speaking, it is the first couple of seconds, minutes, or moments that are the toughest ones.

But once you get over them, it gets better and better and better. 💯

There are many techniques you can apply to feel more confident and relaxed right from the start.

*Diaphragmatic breathing




*Interacting with the audience

And there are more, but the truth is that every person is different and what works for you doesn’t work for me.

If this initial nervousness is bothering you, I can recommend that you reflect on why it bothers you. What are the fears, the worries, the beliefs that are connected to this anxiety. Once you work on those on a deeper level, which can also mean with professional guidance, then you will realize a lot of growth and not only in your communication! 💪🏽

The main message that I have for you today is that public speaking might seem to be scary for you but what it can do for you outweighs the perceived risks by far. 💯

Once you put yourself out there and you do a good job, there is a wealth of opportunities that come your way.

And let me finish with this, another great way of being more confident in the first moments of your speech is with a great opening! And to get you inspired you can take my free course – Elevate your presentations with 5 Public Speaking Strategies from World Class Leaders and learn a magnificent opening from the one and only Barack Obama. ✅


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