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  • Flo Akinbiyi

Be a memorable presenter

Quote By Flo Akinbiyi "As A Presenter It Is Your Job To Be Memorable" - How To Become A Memorable Presenter

You are just full of yourself, aren’t you?

Isn’t this for you?

Some of the first thoughts that pop into your mind when you read my quote “as a presenter it is your job to be memorable”.

It definitely came to mind a few years ago when I first came across the philosophy that a presenter should be memorable!


Shouldn’t it be all about the content? 🤔

I will challenge anyone on this point at any given time. 💥

Yes, your content has to be the main focus of your presentation speech or talk. Your content needs a lot of research, thinking and writing. Your content needs refining, practice and testing. And all of that, keeping the audience in mind. ✅

However, let’s think about conferences or any other presentation scenario, we have more than just one or two presentations in a short amount of time and the audience, every human being has a limited capacity to absorb content, therefore, if you are memorable as a presenter, the audience might not remember your content, but they might remember your key message and they will remember you because you focused on also being memorable as a presenter. ✅✅

As a result, after your presentation the audience can come to you, talk to you and explore your content with you in detail - isn’t that what you ultimately want? 💯


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