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  • Flo Akinbiyi

Be kind to yourself as a Public Speaker

Being a public speaker has taught me to be kind to myself ✨

I recently recorded a few educational videos in studio 🎙

I have to say, honestly, that I was not at my best. I didn't sleep enough, which for me is getting less than 6 hours. I didn't have enough to prepare as well as I wanted.

I had a busy and rather stressful morning, being a single parent, as my wife was travelling. Hats off to all the single parents out there!

I had to rush to my son's school to see his winter concert, which I looooved 💖

Then, after a coaching session and going back and forth to town, I made it to the studio. I delivered to the best of my abilities.

Can I do better? 100% 💥

However, one important lesson that my speaking journey has taught me is that we will not always be perfect. We will not always be at our best. And sometimes we're only able to be just good.

We have to be okay with that; rather than punishing ourselves and focusing on negative talk, we need to say, "Okay, next time, I need to ensure that before going into the studio, I sleep more, wake up earlier so my morning is more relaxed and prepare a few more days in advance, and it will all be fine".

A great communicator, public speaker and presenter is always kind to themselves. So remember, to be kind to yourself 💯

Be Kind To Yourself As A Public Speaker


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