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  • Flo Akinbiyi

Don't turn down a panel discussion or speaking opportunity

Flo Akinbiyi Panel Discussion Tips

Have you ever been invited to speak at a panel discussion

Here are 3 reasons why you should never turn down an invitation to speak. 🗣 

  1. Every speaking opportunity creates opportunities for you because you are amplifying your messages to a wider audience. 🤩 💫 

  2. Panel discussions are a great way to expand your network, during the preparation and speaking you get to know the Moderator and other speakers who are all seasoned experts.

  3. The invite recognizes the work that you have put into your career and developing your expertise, you owe this to yourself to shine. 🌟 

Speaking in a panel offers a truly enriching experience for every professional and no matter how you perform, after the experience you will also know what areas you can and should grow in. 

Oh, and a last point, as a panelist you have to prepare less, compared to other speaking formats as you are being asked questions that you know beforehand and “only” need to answer.

So, take every opportunity to develop and hone your speaking skills.


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