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  • Flo Akinbiyi

Fear of public speaking sometimes feels like jumping out of a plane...

Flo Akinbiyi Jumping Out A Plane For A Dubbilze Campaign | Fear Of Public Speaking

Public speaking feels to some like jumping out of a plane 🛩

Unfortunately, many people feel uncomfortable when they have to deliver a presentation or a speech. It's not easy to overcome your nervousness and anxiety right before stepping onto the stage.

Fear of public speaking can be overcome!

But remember this: as a speaker, your authenticity, uniqueness, and superpowers are like a parachute. They'll make your words land with impact 🪂

So all you got to do is find a way to be YOU! It is truly about being real, honest, and genuine on stage. Confidence isn't about pretending to be someone else! And it sometimes means acknowledging that you are feeling nervous, and that's okay 💯

Speaking with confidence is also about stepping onto the edge and letting go. Getting out of your comfort zone. I call this bravery training in my 5-step training to overcome stage fright and fears of public speaking.

It's a very personal task that means you got to do the things you shy away from, like jumping out of a plane, conquering a fear or anxiety, or even having that conversation you have been running away from.

Overcoming other fears in your life is a great step towards being a more confident public speaker 🙌🏽

Own your nervousness, your quirks, your stories, and your unique style – because that is truly the best weapon you have in your arsenal as a speaker ✨


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