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  • Flo Akinbiyi

I did not die on stage, but I felt miserable.

Flo Akinbiyi On Stage As A Presenter At A Gala Dinner

I did not die on stage, but I felt miserable.

"You’re not nervous when you speak on stage."

That is what many people on the outside think when they see what I do.

The truth is, there were times I had public speaking engagements where I was terrified and nervous on stage. 😬

I remember one event in Dubai when I was already nervous because it was my first opportunity with a large organization that promised to give me a lot of future business if I did well.

This opportunity already made me nervous, and on top of that, I was wearing a tie with a shirt that didn't let me breathe enough, and as a result, I started sweating. I started sweating a lot. 😖

And just so you know, some people call me "tropical rain" because I sweat a lot when I work out or when I start sweating.

And anybody with a similar reaction will know that sweating on stage makes you uncomfortable and wants you to leave the stage. 🏃🏽

It was a very uncomfortable experience.

But I stuck with it and didn't say no to the next opportunity, or the next one, or the next one until I started to be OK and eventually started to be great and feel great on stage. 👈🏽

The truth is there is no shortcut to fixing stage fright and being nervous on stage; however, what you can do is put yourself over and over in the same position until you find your way to be OK with this. 💯

Do you need any tools, tips, or strategies that you can apply to feel more confident and OK with being on stage?


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