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  • Flo Akinbiyi

Don't Speak in a Monotone Voice

This is one of the worst mistakes in business presentations- speaking with a monotone voice. 😱

People underestimate the damage a monotone voice can do to their content, delivery and personal brand.


When you speak with a monotone voice, people are not engaged, not interested and very likely to be thinking about something completely different from the subject you are presenting.

All you've got to do is learn voice modulation. 📈🗣️🎙️

Voice modulation allows you to transfer confidence, competence and passion. And that is what gets the audience excited to work with you. 🌟🤩

Are you presenting with a monotone voice, or have you mastered the art of voice modulation?

If you would like to master the art of public speaking, let's chat!


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