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  • Flo Akinbiyi

Dealing with stage fright

Isn’t it amazing the difference between what you rehearse in your head by yourself in front of the mirror and what happens on stage. Very often we have this amazing idea in our heads and we want to be impactful and expressive but when we’re on the stage facing the audience, we tend to make ourselves smaller, a lot smaller than we actually thought. ✅

Giving presentations can be nerve-wracking, especially when you've done all the preparation and practice and it falls apart when you get on the stage. The Introverted Attorney sums it up well in this video.

Don't let stage fright stop you from giving your best performance! 💯

Take a few deep breaths before you step on stage to control your nerves and keep your breathing steady. Trust yourself, you've practiced and prepared - you've got it, you know your stuff. 👈🏽

If things don't go as planned during the presentation, take a moment to regroup, take deep breaths, and continue with confidence. 💪🏽

If you want to learn a few techniques to be more expressive onstage, I've got a free five-session course to help you out: 5 Public Speaking Strategies from World-Class Leaders.


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